Article I-Name

The name of the society shall be “Karnataka Ophthalmic Society”. The term “Society” herein after used in this constitution shall imply “Karnataka Ophthalmic Society”.

Article II – Registered Office:

The registered office of the society shall be located at a place or address of the Honorary General secretary.

Article III – Aims and Objects.

The objects of the Society shall be the cultivation and promotion of the study and practice of ophthalmic sciences research and man power development with a view to render service to the community and promote social contact amongst ophthalmologists by:

1. Organizing conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, refresher courses etc for promotion and mutual exchange of knowledge.

2. Instituting awards, orations, prizes, fellowships studentships and research grants.

3. Promoting, teaching , training and continuing education in ophthalmology by establishing and maintaining reference library, publishing journals and proceedings of the Society and other such material.

4. Promoting clinical, experimental, community and operational research in ophthalmology.

5. Organizing exhibition of machinery, implements, tools, appliances etc pertaining to ophthalmology with a view to encourage and improve the manufacture of such instruments and appliances in India and also to promote and advise quality control in the manufacture of aforesaid instruments and appliances.

6. Encouraging formation and affiliation of city/district ophthalmic societies.

7. To establish links with other ophthalmic societies in India and elsewhere and co-operating with other medical associations.

8. Promotion of social contact and creation of goodwill amongst the ophthalmologist.

9. Ensuring ethical practice and professional conduct of its members as laid down by the Society from time to time.

10. Advising on legislation affecting ophthalmic practice and science of ophthalmology.

11. Maintaining liaison with Central and State Governments and various appropriate bodies regarding matters concerning teaching and practice of ophthalmology and rationalization ophthalmic fitness and standards for various jobs.

12. Raising finances through subscription, contributions, donations from members and non-members and creating special funds to run the activities of the society.

13. Develop academic and scientific research fund and activities.

14. Acquiring and disposing movable and immovable property and assets by purchasing, constructing, altering, maintaining, selling or mortgaging properties that may be necessary for the aforesaid objectives.

15. Framing bye-laws, and to amend, add, alter or delete the same.

16. Undertake health education to prevent visual impairment and control blindness.

17. The benefits of the Society shall be open to all irrespective of caste creed or religion.

Article IV – Amendment to the constitution:

1. The Managing committee may recommend amendment, addition, alteration or deletion to the constitution provided it gives at least 30 days clear notice, with the details of the proposed amendments, to the members of the society before the Special general body meeting called for that purpose.

2. Any member may propose amendments, additions, alterations or deletion to the constitution by giving a minimum of 60 days clear notice before the Special general body meeting. The proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary and shall be duly seconded by five other members of the society. Only members in good standing may propose and second the proposition

3. Quorum for the amendment of the Constitution shall be the same as that for Annual General Body meeting.

4. Any amendment, addition alteration or deletion to the Constitution shall be made only if approved by 2/3 rd majority of the members present and voting at the Special general body meeting.